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Elemental Foundation Dance curriculum uses seven (7) Effort actions, establishing terminology. These actions are described in Laban’s theories of Effort, Space, Time, Weight, and Flow followed by Formula, using patterns from Cunningham’s innovation of chance and randomness, creating a comprehensive approach to the process of choreography. Application of these concepts will ensure creative, well constructed dance movement and phrasing for class study and performance.


  • Ignite develops and implements 10-week courses based in Elemental Foundation Dance signature curriculum
  • Ignite engages instructors to conduct curriculum
  • District teachers will participate in class activities
  • Ignite engages a Program Site Director to administrate programs and monitor progress
  • Ignite establishes partnerships to illustrate current issues for young children
  • Ignite engages dance Industry Professionals to perform and adjudicate
  • Ignite holds Professional Development meetings with each grade level faculty to encourage process and support


  • Establish for student and faculty terminology of Elemental Foundation Dance
  • Define historical relevance to employ a systematic process
  • Discover, manipulate, and create examples of Elemental Foundation Dance through movement
  • Set guiding Charts (Relationship of Elements, Space and Time)
  • Employ physical action: move between elements
  • Develop composition by use of Chance / Patterns / Space, extending boundaries
  • Suggestions for proper technique and alignment
  • Suggestions to format and support artistic concepts
  • Analyze and value composition for dynamics

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