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Since the outset of our first offerings, Ignite has actively initiated, instructed, and ensured dance education programs to students of different gender, culture, and economic status, engaging a process of learning that broadens the students experience and stimulates creativity. Ignite offers a signature curriculum framed by a definition of artistic literacy as established by the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards, and provides top professionals in the dance industry to instruct and mentor, acknowledging the profound impact of arts education for youth.

Our outreach is specific and identifies benefits of health, wellness, and confidence, and through the artistic and athletic endeavor of dance, the student develops a multidimensional discipline that challenges personal values and goals highlighted throughout the program: integrity, collaboration, communication, creativity, accountability, and respect, supporting the District’s instructional program, making physical and arts learning an integral part through innovative workshops.


  • Movement
  • Expression
  • Knowledge
  • Studies


The course will introduce fundamentals of dance and outline the process and responsibilities of the student. Through repetition, observation, and following directions, coordination and familiarity will follow. The student will be engaged in specialized games to develop knowledge to “harness” energy necessary for building shape and movement.


The course will establish the process of shared responsibility in learning through “Partnering.” Dance elements are re-evaluated through group effort. Rhythms are introduced.


The student will be given the standard syllabus of “texture” or “quality of movement” through learning Laban’s widely accepted study of EFFORT-ACTION.


The participating student body will give a performance based on the cumulative material studied at the end of the workshops.

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